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One device,
powerful capabilities

Face recognition, ID fraud detection, blocking capabilities all packed into one compact handheld. Our feature packed ID scanner was designed for the industry, by the industry.

Plug & Play

Start verifying guests in minutes! Say no more to clunky hardware and long, complicated setup instructions.

Effortless & Accurate ID Verification

With instant age verification, data, expiry, and checks, our unmatched ID scanning technology allows you to process IDs with speed and accuracy

The Best Facial Recognition Software Available

Powered by the latest technology in AI, our advanced facial recognition verifies guests’ facial features against their photo IDs with 99.7% accuracy.

Protect your business from troublemakers

Block bad actors from returning to your venue. Receive alerts when a known troublemaker scans their ID and find out why they’ve been flagged.

Manage Data In Real Time

View incoming scans and customer demographics in real time.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Real-time data sync

Know who's coming in and out of your venue. View scans, guest ban history, and review demographics in real time.

Centralized dashboard

Carry your venue activity with you. We combine the data you’re collecting across your venue into a single, digestible dashboard. That way you only have to log in once to see everything.

Manage multiple devices & locations

Control multiple locations and devices under one management portal.

Employee Logins

Generate login pins for employees as a quick and easy way to login to the Anubis ID scanner.


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