Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data shared or sold?

Your privacy is incredibly important to us.  As such, a venue you were scanned at will only have access to a very limited amount of your personal information.  This is limited to your first name, ID photo, live photo, gender, and if you are a legal adult.  Even the above info is viewable for only 7 days after you scan.

How is my data protected?

Anubis ID uses today's most secure practices and technology for any data that is stored, even if only stored temporarily. Our servers are HIPAA compliant, which means that your data is protected by some of the strictest security measures in the world. We take our responsibility to protect your data very seriously, and we will never sell or give away your personal information.

What data is collected?

When your ID is scanned, we collect the following information:- First Name- Age- Live Photo- ID Photo - Gender (either M or F)- Postal Code/Zip Code.

How long does Anubis store my information for?

Aggregate data from scan records is stored indefinitely within Anubis. This includes but is not limited to: Scan totals by location, gender demographics, scans during specific time frame, etc.

What if I choose not to have my information recorded?

Anubis is capturing your image for identification purposes, it is never without your knowledge and consent. While opting out does not come without potential consequences such as lack of entry or denial of services, we believe informed participation is essential in protecting everyone’s privacy and rights.

What behaviors are blocked?

Troublemaker behavior that may get you blocked includes but is not limited to: Fighting, threatening, or instigating, groping, lewd conduct, not paying the bill, destruction of property, criminal activity, or extreme drunkenness and associated behavior like vomiting or passing out at the venue.  

Will other venues who use Anubis know a guest is blocked?

If a venue deems a guest to be a troublemaker, the venue may decide to issue a block.  When a block is issued, it is a network wide block.  Meaning, if the troublemaker scans in at another venue using the Anubis ID system, that venue will be immediately notified of the troublemaker’s block status.  In other words, blocks are universal across the network and have real consequences.

Can a guest be removed from the blocked list?

 Yes. All participating venues must only issue blocks for legitimate reasons in order to comply with our terms of use.  While Anubis allows venues to issue and reverse blocks at their discretion, Anubis has oversight and has final authority of all blocks on the network.  Any venue found to have abused the blocking system may find their privileges revoked.

What if I feel I've been wrongly blocked?

If a block is contested by the individual and purported as an error, it is first pushed back to the venue to review and reverse if warranted.  If Anubis is asked to review a specific block after a venue has declined to reverse a block, then it will conduct a full review.  If Anubis decides to reverse the block then it is lifted immediately and the venue is made aware of the decision and any consequences thereof.  However, if after full review Anubis determines the block was warranted, the duration is then extended to no less than 5 years and is locked from further review or reversal.

Why should I share my information with Anubis?

Anubis helps protect the safety of the venue and it's customers by stopping underage drinkers and keeping a record of those who cause trouble or harm to the venue and/or individuals. By allowing the venue to store your information for a 7-day period you are participating in the safety of yourself and other around you.

What if I don't have a government issued ID?

Anubis can properly verify most government issued IDs. This includes Identification Cards, Drivers Licenses, & Passports from around the world. The Anubis system uses a combination of technologies to accomplish verifying the numerous ID designs and formats from different jurisdictions.

Where is Anubis software made and hosted?

Anubis was developed entirely in the USA.  This means the software that powers the Anubis system, from concept to the code, was developed right here in California, USA.  Additionally, all cloud servers are in the USA. 

Can your system support more than one ID type?

Anubis can properly verify most government issued IDs. This includes Identification Cards, Drivers Licenses, & Passports from around the world. The Anubis system uses a combination of technologies to accomplish verifying the numerous ID designs and formats from different jurisdictions. This includes reading PDF417, MRZ, and OCR as well as extracting the ID photo by either camera or via NFC, if a chip is present.

Do I need internet connection to use Anubis ID?

The Anubis system is designed to best operate with an internet connection present.  In the event that the internet is down most core features will still function, however obviously some features like checking updated ban status will not.  Additionally, the management portal will not reflect any new activity until the internet is back up.  After the internet is re-established, Anubis will resync to the cloud and full functionality should restore. The amount of time it takes to resync is largely tied to the length of downtime and the volume of activity that occurred during.

How frequent are updates?

Anubis software is regularly updated.  This is done seamlessly as long as an internet connection is present. These updates include things like: user interface enhancements, speed or accuracy enhancements, new features, or new fraud detection algorithms.

How are reoccuring payments handled?

Multiple locations are supported under each account and subscription is required for every location.  It is important that all payment methods are maintained to ensure there are no gaps in service.

Anubis has a three day grace period in the event of a delayed subscription payment. After the grace period, services will be interrupted if the payment issues remain unresolved.  This interruption will affect any location who is not in good standing on their subscription and disable all functionality within Anubis for that location only . 

All services are restored nearly immediately upon successfully processing subscription payment with no permanent data loss associated with the service interruption. To avoid month to month payment related issues, Anubis provides an ability to pay subscriptions annually.  This also typically comes with a discount in price as well.

Can Anubis replace my current bouncer/doorman?

Anubis does not replace the need for a bouncer, door person, or bartender to inspect IDs.  Instead, Anubis is a tool used by ID checkers to assist or provide an additional level of protection.  While some ID checkers do a better job at verifying an ID than others, including spotting fakes or determining if the person matches the ID, Anubis will always provide an unbiased determination.   

Anubis also recommends whether the individual be granted access to services based upon their past behavior.  As the list of known troublemakers grows, a human ID checker with a perfect memory would