ANUBIS ID Verification Techology

Know your customer
Protect your business

Minimize your liability by reducing incidents. Catch underage drinkers, blacklisted guests, and expired IDs before they enter your venue. Ensure compliance with Anubis to keep peace of mind for you and your guests

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Invest in the safety & security of your venue

full fledged kyc & Identity Verification platform

Know that people are who they say they are

Equipped with leading fraud detection and facial recognition technology. Anubis simplifies the verification process and assures your customers are who they say they are.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Minamize liability

Comply with alcohol sales regulations

Show regulators that you take alcohol sales seriously. With Anubis fraud checks and AI face matching, you'll offer an extra layer of protection for your establishment.

Block troublemakers

Keep your establisment safe

Don’t let people effect your business in a negative way. Anubis will instantly recognize individuals who have caused trouble in your venue or anywhere else on the Anubis network.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Made by the industry, for the industry.

What our partners think

"After dealing with a different ID verification provider, we decided to choose Anubis based on their ambitions, software, and the team behind them. Definitely, the human touch was a major driver for us."

Don Chelland

Dispensary Owner- Euflora

"One of my favorite features of Anubis is the dashboard. The ability to have a total daily count of my guests and watch them check in in real time, is the such a useful tool. That in itself is worth the cost to me."

Joshua Mason

Bar Owner - The Varnish

"Anubis has been consistently accurate at spotting fake and borrowed ID's. The details given from a blocked individual offers valuable insight to who I might be letting through my doors. I feel more at ease using this system"

Gary Sheridian

Security - Temple Nightclub